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Claims Submission to Desjardins Insurance is Now Available throughout Canada

All providers registered with eClaims* are now able to submit claims on behalf of their patients who participate in Desjardins’ insurance plans. No special registration is needed, you can use it now.
Desjardins now accepts claims submitted through TELUS Health eClaims. Your patients who are Desjardins policy holders can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that, once they leave your facility, their insurance claim will be correctly and securely submitted to Desjardins for processing and payment.
You must collect service payment from your patients before they leave your facility…
It is important to note that, once you have submitted the claim through the portal, you will not receive any Explanation of Benefits (i.e., confirmation of your patient’s insurance coverage). Instead, you will receive an acknowledgment, as shown in the example below. Don’t forget to collect full payment from your patients before they leave your office. Desjardins will process the claim within two business days of receipt.
Here is an example of the acknowledgment you will receive when you submit a claim to Desjardins Financial Security.